• Joelle Otterstedt

What I learned in the first 24 hours

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

For the most part, it doesn’t seem like England is too different than the U.S., however, I am discovering that there are many small things that are very different. Here are 10 things I discovered are different in my first 24 hours here.

1. You have to put one GBP (Great Britain Pound) into the shopping cart to be able to use it, and when you return the cart you get the money back. This is a way to try to prevent people from stealing the carts. It’s a great idea, but for someone from America, it just looks like all of the carts are locked together.

2. Shopping carts come in multiple sizes, and if you try to return it to the wrong size you’ll just struggle for a few minutes until and old lady tells you how it’s done.

3. If you want to buy a very small kitchen knife, you have to bring your passport with you to the store.

4. A shopping cart is called a trolley here.

5. It’s not an elevator, it’s a lift.

6. You don’t call it a bathroom, it’s a toilet.

7. The cars always have the right of way. Look both ways before crossing streets, and be aware of cars that are turning.

8. Everyone here is extremely nice, and if you tell them you just got to England they are more than happy to help!

9. You don’t have to pay for textbooks here.

10. Emergency medical care is free.

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