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People Talk A Little Different Here

· Cart (U.S.) = Trolley (England)

Trolley is used for any type of cart here, whether it is a shopping cart or a food cart on a train. “Anything from the trolley?” (They actually say that here.)

· Schedule = Timetable

Instead of getting a class schedule for school, you get a timetable here.

· Clubs = Societies

Instead of having things like “exercise science club”, they have “physiotherapy society”.

· Classes = Modules

Instead of saying “I’m taking 3 classes this semester”, I would say “I have 3 modules this semester”.

· Elementary School = Primary School

I’m learning all about the differences in the education systems, but this is the most basic.

· Thank You = Cheers

People says cheers all the time here, but the most common time they say it is in place of “thank you”.

· Trash = Litter

Instead of trash cans, there are litter bins.

· Bathroom = Toilet

People say, “where’s the toilet”, instead of “where’s the bathroom”.

· Toilet Paper = Bathroom Tissue

I was so confused when buying toilet paper for the first time. A bathroom is called a toilet, yet for some reason the toilet paper is called bathroom tissue.

· Fries = Chips

You ask for a side of chips, not a side of fries.

· Cash Register = Till

There was a super long line at a store and the cashier asked for more help up at the till.

· To Go = Take Away

Instead of getting food “to go”, you get take away here. Some restaurants only do take away, but most have the option to either eat in or take away. Some places charge slightly more to eat in.

· Flu Shot = Flu Jab

I just saw this on a sign at a drug store and thought it was funny.

· College = Uni

People NEVER say college here. Occasionally you will hear someone say university, but normally people just say uni.

· Primary Care Doctor = General Practitioner (GP)

Luckily, I learned what a GP was in one of my classes before I got sick.

· Pharmacist = Chemist

Chemists are at drug stores and can help you figure out what medications might be best for your symptoms.

· Chips = Crisps

You get a bag of crisps here, not chips. Chips are fries.

· Bus = Coach

The first time I rode on a coach was on the way to campus from the airport, and my sleep deprived brain was very confused when they said we were getting on a coach.

· Purse = Handbag AND Wallet = Purse

I said something about my purse in a store, and a nice person working there commented that she hadn’t heard someone call it that in ages. She then nicely explained to me what people call purses and wallets here.

· Sweatshirt = Jumper

I bought a comfy York St. John sweatshirt with the logo on it, and was a little confused when the cashier asked if all I wanted was the jumper.

· Bro = Mate

Guys always call each other “mate” here.

· Bad = Rubbish

I don’t hear this very often, but I always love it when people say this with their accents.

· Elevator = Lift

Our first Airbnb host showed us how to use the lift up to their fourth floor apartment. There was a door you had to pull closed in front of the lift.

· Second Floor = First Floor

What we call the first floor in the U.S., is called the ground floor here. That makes the second floor in the U.S., the first floor in England.

· Grocery Store = Supermarket

People rarely call it a supermarket in the U.S., but it is what people always call it in England.

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