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Yesterday was the first trip with the Global Campus group. This is a program at my university that puts together events for people from all over the world. We all met at the bus (coach) at 7:30 a.m. to drive 2-3 hours to Liverpool. Afraid of feeling bad on another day of travel I took some Dramamine, and quickly fell asleep. I slightly woke up a few times on the drive to see giant wind turbines and green hills. When I actually woke up, we were entering Liverpool and about 10 minutes from where we would be dropped off. I could already tell it was a very different city than York.

It was my first time leaving York since I arrived a little over a week ago. Almost all of York is very old, while Liverpool is a mix between gorgeous old buildings and very modern ones. We got dropped off at the steps of the world museum, which had stairs leading up to massive pillars in front of a large building. I wanted to explore inside, but I decided to stick with the group and go on the guided walking tour of Liverpool with the Global Guides. We walked through busy shopping streets, past where the Beatles first played, the entrance to Chinatown, an old cathedral that is collapsed on the inside, and finally to the massive Liverpool Cathedral.

It was time for lunch and Braden wandered around for a bit and ended up at Liverpool University where we stopped for a quick bite to eat. Afterward the whole group was supposed to meet up at a spot before going to the Beatles Story Museum. This is the first time we have gotten lost in a city. Google Maps took us to a locked gate, and we spent the next 15 minutes trying to find another way around. Somehow, we ended up on a small path behind some apartments and popped out near the meeting place.

The whole group walked another mile to the Beatles Story Museum, which was surprisingly hard to find for a major tourist attraction. They gave us each a big pair of headphones, and a device to choose from a bunch of different audio recordings. You would press specific recordings to go with the different places in the museum. It was interesting to learn more about the Beatles, but I wasn’t a big fan of having a tour with headphones. I like to be able to talk to the people I’m with about what we’re experiencing at museums, and the headphones made the experience weirdly individual. When we finished the tour, we headed to the gift shop where I bought a poster to make my plain room feel a little more homey.

We had free time until the bus left at 5:30 (half past 5), so a bunch of us started at the Beatles statue. Braden and I split off from the group for the last bit of the day. We got a quick bite to eat, found him a Liverpool Football scarf, and rushed through the World museum in the last 20 minutes before they closed. By the time we got to the coach my fitbit said I was at over 27,000 steps, and everyone on the coach was completely exhausted.

Overall it was really fun to experience another new city, but I’m glad I am living in York instead of Liverpool. I enjoy that York is a smaller city, and easier to get around by foot. The traffic everywhere over here is a bit crazy to me, but especially in Liverpool. There were people parking on the sidewalk, and passing other cars on the sidewalk. Massive busses were everywhere, and it would look like they were coming right at you when they turned a corner. I also think York is cleaner overall. I saw a lot more trash on the streets in Liverpool than I normally do in York. It was an exhausting day, but I am so glad I went.

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